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George Jeffrey, Chief Operating Officer of Quiznos Canada

Visionary: George Jeffrey of Quiznos Canada

The quick-service restaurant industry is hyper competitive. To succeed, companies need a variety of traits including a relentless pursuit of quality, training, communication and, of course, a passion for customer service and hospitality. But behind it all there must be an entrepreneur with vision. In that capacity, Quiznos Canada could not be better served than with the vision of George Jeffrey.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, George is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the Quiznos brand in Canada and the British Isles. Over the course of a brief conversation with him, I was amazed at how effective he is at painting a picture of the future and his passion for the journey in getting there.

George’s gaze is set on growth – a doubling of Quiznos locations in Canada over the next five to ten years.  And thanks to his confidence, charm and knowledge, I have no doubt his team will take him there.

“When you hear people talk about the restaurant industry, most will say it comes down to location, location, location,” Jeffrey says. “While location is absolutely critical, a company cannot survive without good people and a quality product. We’ve got these ingredients, and more, and we’re determined to share this recipe with passionate franchisees across the country and our customers.

”Since the company’s arrival in Canada in 1999, Quiznos has strived to be the leading purveyor of the original toasted sandwich. With more than 2,000 locations globally, 400 of those in Canada, Quiznos currently operates in 37 countries.

A late entry in Canada’s submarine sandwich industry, Quiznos often hears the complaint that there are not enough locations.

“Our biggest problem, and it’s not a bad problem to have, is that we don’t have enough locations. Our competitors hit critical mass decades ago, and so, as a newer brand in the market, we have to be patient with unit growth.”

Staying true to its slogans, Quiznos promises customers will love what they eat and that the Quiznos product is a cut above the rest.

The company is still making up some ground, but with George’s optimism, vision and plans for growth, Quiznos is sure to see a boom in the industry in years to come.

Written by Alexis MacDonald.

Quiznos started working with Pasquarelli in 2013.

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