At the intersection of people and location (CashMoney)

A look at the success of CashMoney’s Randy Preston, VP of Corporate Properties

Randy Preston, VP of Corporate Properties stands outside his office at CashMoney headquarters on December 10, 2014.

Some business owners and senior marketing executives tend to spend a lot of time on the exterior shell of a brand: logos, sponsorships, endorsements, promos or other “campaigns”. Though important, when these initiatives are pursued at the expense of business fundamentals such as training personnel or selecting strategic locations, it can become a fatal mistake.  No one knows that more than Randy Preston. It appears he and his company are doing the right things and are, as a result, reaping the benefits.

Randy is the vice president of corporate properties at CashMoney, a leader in alternative financial services in Canada. With a network of 128 corporately-owned stores and close to 1,000 employees across the country to oversee, and an extensive track record in real estate and marketing, Randy speaks from experience.

Location –  key to new customers
“We’re committed to finding the best, most high-profile locations that our country has to offer,” said Randy during an interview at his national head office in Mississauga, Ontario. “There’s actually no middle ground or half-measure when it comes to selecting the best sites – it’s simply a function of one’s resolve, relationships, character and negotiation skills. We spend countless hours until we have made the right choice. We apply these same principles with our people, though a good portion of the time is spent on training and coaching.”

Randy leads a competent and professional team comprised of four people and key partners who, like him, are committed to ensuring CashMoney’s current and future growth in Canada through locations, acquisitions or leases that lead to exposure, convenience and comfort – all directed toward the Canadian consumer.

For CashMoney, location scouting and commercial real estate management is an integral part of the company’s marketing mix and value proposition to customers. Weak locations would compromise the company’s very own foundations and vision for the Canadian marketplace.

People – the key to happy, repeat customers
Randy’s eyes light up when he’s asked about his CashMoney family. When he speaks about training and customer service, his body language and facial expressions speak to the sincerity and extent of his convictions.

“There’s nothing we can’t attain when we work together and when we are focused on the customer. People really appreciate our friendly service personnel, the follow up we provide and the bright and warm feeling of our locations. At the “front of house”, in our locations, our service may appear seamless and natural but, in reality, there’s lots of work that goes into nurturing this commitment to service. Behind the scenes, in our training programs, it can get messy, sweaty and difficult. Yet because it’s a purposeful, nurturing and coaching-centered environment, it’s always beneficial.”

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: A large portion of CashMoney’s customers are more than pleased to refer their friends to the company and its network for alternative financial services.

The future looks bright for CashMoney, Randy and his team. I can tell you that his culture and dedication are contagious and extend fully to his partners and partnerships. Working with Randy and his team is a true pleasure, and I can say that once he focuses on a goal, he seldom misses his target. As we return to our busy schedules and to-do lists, let’s remember these three things: (1) people, when focused, trained and united, can move mountains together; (2) that location remains at the heart of any retail marketing mix and (3) that Randy’s leadership style, which focuses on character, clarity and care for his team, is at the core of good coaching and solid, long-term, results.

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by Alfio Pasquarelli, first posted November 22, 2012


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