BVD Petroleum welcomes ‘combo’ ROBINS + QUIZNOS drive through in Winnipeg

Quiznos_Robin's Drive ThruPasquarelli Management helps BVD Petroleum, a leading fuel and travel centre operator, grow leasing and franchising opportunities by welcoming a combo Robins and Quiznos drive through location at Oak Point, Winnipeg.

Profile: Joseph Fusca — It’s all about the client.


Joseph Fusca of Fusca Salon Inc., in a familiar and highly successful setting at his esteemed and intimate Toronto salon.

October 3, 1995.

For millions in North America, it was verdict day in the O.J. Simpson trial. For Joe Fusca, it was the day he stumbled across 221 Avenue Road, which would become home to his eponymous salon.

Skipping out from work early, Fusca and his coworkers headed to the Yorkville haunt, The Pilot, to huddle around the TVs and await the verdict. When Simpson was acquitted, a fuming Fusca hopped into his car, turned on the radio and cruised through the neighbouring streets listening to the pundits weigh in on the verdict.

Caught in traffic, he turned to his right and noticed a “For Rent” sign hanging in the window of 221 and made a note of the contact number. Twenty years later, Fusca Salon still calls the Avenue Road location home.
Free-spirited and interested in the arts, Fusca says academia never suited him. Instead, the Pennsylvania-born, Woodbridge, Ontario-reared Fusca took a job as a shampoo boy at a swanky Yorkville salon for a summer. It was there he discovered his real passion and decided to attend hairdressing school.

Fusca then worked for Denis Bouchard, a Toronto-based artist and one of the country’s top hairstylists. Alongside Bouchard, Fusca worked on fashion editorial shoots and the Festival of Canadian Fashion – Toronto’s fashion week during the 80s – and discovered that styling hair was an art.

Leaving Bouchard’s salon to open his own, Fusca’s venture was short-lived, closing just one year after opening due to a mutual decision to part ways with his business partner. He knew he wanted his own salon, but the next time would be a solo venture – no business partner, no multi-service salon, just a focus on hair.

“I never really saw myself as a manager. I always saw myself as an artist,” he says.

Just steps from Yorkville but a little off the beaten path, the salon’s location in a residential area in the heart of downtown Toronto has been a fertile soil for a solid customer base of repeat clients.

Maintaining personalized service and focusing on client rapport has allowed Fusca to build a solid reputation and win referrals. As he says, “People like meeting people through people.”

His advice for continued success after two decades? Don’t make it about yourself, he says. Make it about the client. Find a common interest and don’t brag.

“I don’t measure success by money. The fact that I’ve been able to keep these doors open for 20 years, and do what I love throughout – that’s success.”

What’s next for Fusca Salon? Keep on, keepin’ on.

Standing tall in business, relationships, and through personal struggle — The Alfio Story, An Overview

Alfio PasquarelliWhen you see life as a gift, your attitude changes. When you treat people as if there’s nothing more important, you enjoy powerful and fruitful relationships. Welcome to the world of Alfio Pasquarelli. 

Even in the first minute with him, you’ll notice he’s a man with a vision – and a story.

From 1985 to 2011, Alfio was a key driver in the expansion of Pizza Pizza Ltd. In that time, the franchised network grew from 60 locations to more than 700. Today, the brand is the undisputed leader in the pizza segment of the Quick Service Restaurant sector with many of the best locations and site branding in Canada. That’s in no small part due to Alfio’s contribution.

In 2011, Alfio and the company parted ways leaving Alfio to face the toughest challenge of his life: the passing of his beloved wife Anna to cancer. In the span of just a few months, Alfio’s world had undergone radical change.

Rather than allow his world to collapse, Alfio mustered all of his internal resources and seemingly gained a boost of bionic energy. This enabled him to overcome this personal paradigm shift and strengthen his personal resolve to help his family – his two children in particular – customers and the people around him to succeed, just as he and Anna had done so successfully in the past.

And so in that spirit, Alfio launched Pasquarelli Management in December 2011. With a commitment to being himself and working with top-class customers, Alfio began building retail brands through marketing and real estate strategies. Companies such as Quiznos, Cash Money and BVD Petroleum came along quickly – recognizing the benefits that Pasquarelli offered and the swift impact each operator felt on their respective business.

They have turned to him for real estate, location and marketing services, lease renewals and expert counsel on network expansion and retail branding – and everything in between. Soon enough, many – if not most – have found themselves quickly expanding their partnerships with Alfio due to his work ethic, relationship skills and determination.

On the cusp of his fourth-year anniversary, Pasquarelli Management’s future is promising. His clients are doing well – improving their positions in the highly competitive world of retail, and enjoying their respective partnerships with him. Walking together, creating new possibilities and opportunities that add immediate value to a business or brand has become the hallmark of his work and the efforts of his team.

Alfio has no doubts that the future will be even brighter and more successful for his clients, first, and then himself.

Come as you are – a window into the world of Mario Boccia

Mario Boccia – Entrepreneur and restaurateur with a passion for people and food.

Mario Boccia has always been a people person. At the young age of 15, his walk home from a friend’s house lead him past an elderly man who spent day after day on his porch, watching the world go by. Most 15-year-olds wouldn’t pay much attention. Not Mario. He not only noticed the senior, he would stop off and visit and soon became the recipient of the elder statesman’s counsel.

A life lesson and some insight into a special person, all at once.

Mario Boccia’s legendary attention to detail was developed in those formative years. The product of a traditional Italian-Canadian household, he began working part-time at Mr. Sub at 15 with plans to study mechanics. When the time came to enroll, he decided to follow a different path and joined Mr. Sub full time at 19. It was not long before he purchased the franchise from his boss.

That was the 1970s and ‘80s, and Mr. Sub was a well-oiled business model with strong financial performances. Boccia was a smooth operator and eventually ended up owning six of the franchises.

“It was at this point that I realized that I truly loved the hands-on contact with my customers” says Boccia. “When I owned six, I was managing my affairs in the back office most of the time and barely ever saw a customer.”

And so he sold off most of his franchises.

A Destination Restaurant – Pulcinella

Mario currently owns Toronto’s acclaimed Pulcinella Ristorante Italiano, a beloved neighbourhood restaurant in Toronto’s South Etobicoke area that attracts a loyal clientele from near and far.

“We have a very regular stable of customers. They come because they love enjoying long and quality meals in a pleasant and friendly environment.”

How did the operator of sandwich shops end up with a classy restaurant? Therein lies a story, once again rooted in his youth.

When Mario was a young man, he accompanied a date to one of Toronto’s upscale restaurants, La Scalla. Much to his surprise, he was rejected at the door for not wearing a jacket. Needless to say, Mario has never forgotten this moment, and he immediately resolved that if he were to open a restaurant one day, he would ensure that his restaurant would be open to all: welcoming and warm.

And that’s how La Pulcinella came into being, a wonderful neighborhood restaurant open to the world.

“Come as you are! Come as you feel! It’s all about the food and the people. Food is a true source of joy and enjoyment for everyone – certainly for me. “Yes, I’m a people person who enjoys the interactions I have with my guests on a daily basis. It warms my heart when they come up to me and compliment me on the food, the service or the staff because it elevates a dining experience to a social connection.”

And the compliments most certainly do keep coming at La Pulcinela, an oasis of regional Italian cooking of the upscale type as well as rustic. Open for lunch and dinner during the week and dinner on the weekends, Pulcinella Ristorante Italiano offers everything from seafood, meat, game along with fresh pastas and risottos and seasonal specials.

Will Mario Boccia be happy with his expansive host duties in his own, very comfortable, attention-to-all-details-restaurant? Does it end here? Perhaps not. He has always kept the faithful on tenterhooks and now, maybe, a new concept is in the offing…something to do with combining his two areas of expertise (food and people) into something new and extra special.

In the meantime, “A tavola. Mangiare. (Eat) “ “Enjoy.”

Mario Boccia has been a close client and partner of Alfio Pasquarelli since 2013. Pulcinella is located at 3687 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1P7. 


Quality products & service the main ingredients for success

The Battaglia Brothers

Anthony, Gus and Mark Battaglia (from left to right) inside Cousin’s Gourmet Market, December 2014.

Anthony Battaglia talks about current and future plans for Cousin’s Gourmet Market

Knowing how to fulfill the needs of customers plays a crucial role in succeeding in the food and grocery industry. At Cousin’s Gourmet Market in Port Credit, the team is always looking to the future for new opportunities and ways to enrich the lives of customers through healthy alternatives and homemade recipes. Still operating on the same cornerstones on which the family built the company in 1970, the market strives on food, family, friends and community.

Growing up in the grocery industry, Gus, Mark and Anthony Battaglia, began working with their father at his market at a very young age. From early mornings at the food terminal to late nights at the store, the brothers developed vital entrepreneurial skills and strong work ethics that still guide them in running the business today.

The three brothers now manage the market, working in their specialized areas around the store. With Gus in produce, Mark in the meat department and Anthony in the grocery section they get to work directly with the products and customers giving them great insight into any adjustments they can make.

“Three owners in one building is a huge advantage,” said Anthony Battaglia, one of the managers of Cousin’s Gourmet Market. “We have three captains running the ship and that allows us to connect with our customers on a first name basis and give them the kind of high quality service they really appreciate.”

With customer satisfaction as a main priority, the Cousin’s Gourmet Market largely focuses on the quality and uniqueness of the products it offers. Not only does the produce section pick its veggies fresh daily, but the market has its own line of healthy and nourishing smoothies that are juiced daily and are a huge hit with customers.

With the holidays just around the corner, the kitchen is in full swing with the chefs developing new and innovative recipes to keep customers warm and full, while the meat department works on special cuts of roast beef, ham and turkey. Over in the bakery section, the market also offers various specialty items such as the delicious Italian donuts straight from Italy.

“At Cousin’s Market, we continue to strive for new recipes, innovative concepts and aim to develop even healthier and reasonably priced items for our customers,” said Anthony.

With all of the exciting things going on at the market, the company is looking to expand and develop its brand to better service the needs of the customers. The business is currently in the process of expansion with a goal to add approximately 3000-5000 square feet of retail space to the market.

“Our store and plaza is currently going through a modern renovation,” said Anthony. “We are giving it a fresh new look and have been very careful in selecting new tenants that will fill a need within the community. The Port Credit area and our loyal customers are not only welcoming of the improvements we are making, but they are more than deserving of them.”

Cousin’s Gourmet Market, 1215 Hurontario St, Mississauga.

Cousin’s Gourmet Market, 1215 Hurontario St, Mississauga.

When it comes to quality and fresh produce, Cousin’s Gourmet Market is second to none. Always going the extra mile, the brothers continue to help out and get involved in the community they serve with local charities, such as the Port Credit Hockey Association, local schools, and The Hospital for Sick Children.

As the current store expands and draws in new customers, the brothers are looking to the future for the possibility of a second location. Until then the growth of the current market is a great step in the right direction to better service new customers and existing ones who have been coming to the market for years.

Location, service and branding the key to attracting new customers

Randy Preston, Vice-President of Corporate Properties talks about the current expansion of CashMoney locations across Canada.

When it comes to finding new CashMoney locations, there is one person who knows exactly what to look for — and he comes with a long checklist and high expectations. With an eye for high-profile positioning and knowledge of real estate value, Randy Preston, Vice-President of Corporate Properties, leads the company’s expansion and new vision for its locations across the county.

Preston has played a vital role in the recent growth of CashMoney, taking the company from 128 to 158 corporately owned locations in the last two years. With new locations averaging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, stores are now bigger and more accessible to a wider variety of customers.

“We’ve really changed the game by hitting high profile corners and existing free standing locations previously occupied by other national brands,” says Preston.

By the end of this year, CashMoney hopes to have 160 locations across Canada with a goal of opening another 25 locations in 2015.

“Moving locations is just as important as opening new ones,” says Preston. “The stores that are being repositioned are upgrading their locations and being built with a new vision that will drive more traffic for the company and ultimately bring in more revenue.”

The new vision for CashMoney not only includes fresh locations but also a very strong marketing campaign to support the brand. CashMoney has invested in its exterior branding, a far-reaching advertising campaign, an official CashMoney mascot, Cash-A-Roo, and send a friend referrals to make friends aware of the company’s services.

“Some people are still unfamiliar with CashMoney and the value we can provide,” says Preston. “We run a growing business staffed by people who are committed to helping Canadians have access to their cash.”

Some of the other services CashMoney offers are prepaid credit cards, currency exchange, bill payment facilities, Western Union Money Transfers and cheque cashing.

The company is constantly working with staff to improve the experience of customers with internal training courses available for employees. These courses help with everything from time management to self-development. Employees are thoroughly trained prior to working at CashMoney and have the opportunity for growth and development within the company.

With a focus on all the right areas, the CashMoney team is on its way to furthering the growth and success of the company and having a leader like Randy Preston, who remains positive and focused, certainly has them continuing in the right direction.

A continued commitment to growth and excellence (Quiznos)

George Jeffrey, Chief Operating Officer of Quiznos Canada

Visionary: George Jeffrey of Quiznos Canada

The quick-service restaurant industry is hyper competitive. To succeed, companies need a variety of traits including a relentless pursuit of quality, training, communication and, of course, a passion for customer service and hospitality. But behind it all there must be an entrepreneur with vision. In that capacity, Quiznos Canada could not be better served than with the vision of George Jeffrey.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, George is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the Quiznos brand in Canada and the British Isles. Over the course of a brief conversation with him, I was amazed at how effective he is at painting a picture of the future and his passion for the journey in getting there.

George’s gaze is set on growth – a doubling of Quiznos locations in Canada over the next five to ten years.  And thanks to his confidence, charm and knowledge, I have no doubt his team will take him there.

“When you hear people talk about the restaurant industry, most will say it comes down to location, location, location,” Jeffrey says. “While location is absolutely critical, a company cannot survive without good people and a quality product. We’ve got these ingredients, and more, and we’re determined to share this recipe with passionate franchisees across the country and our customers.

”Since the company’s arrival in Canada in 1999, Quiznos has strived to be the leading purveyor of the original toasted sandwich. With more than 2,000 locations globally, 400 of those in Canada, Quiznos currently operates in 37 countries.

A late entry in Canada’s submarine sandwich industry, Quiznos often hears the complaint that there are not enough locations.

“Our biggest problem, and it’s not a bad problem to have, is that we don’t have enough locations. Our competitors hit critical mass decades ago, and so, as a newer brand in the market, we have to be patient with unit growth.”

Staying true to its slogans, Quiznos promises customers will love what they eat and that the Quiznos product is a cut above the rest.

The company is still making up some ground, but with George’s optimism, vision and plans for growth, Quiznos is sure to see a boom in the industry in years to come.

Written by Alexis MacDonald.

Quiznos started working with Pasquarelli in 2013.

At the intersection of people and location (CashMoney)

A look at the success of CashMoney’s Randy Preston, VP of Corporate Properties

Randy Preston, VP of Corporate Properties stands outside his office at CashMoney headquarters on December 10, 2014.

Some business owners and senior marketing executives tend to spend a lot of time on the exterior shell of a brand: logos, sponsorships, endorsements, promos or other “campaigns”. Though important, when these initiatives are pursued at the expense of business fundamentals such as training personnel or selecting strategic locations, it can become a fatal mistake.  No one knows that more than Randy Preston. It appears he and his company are doing the right things and are, as a result, reaping the benefits.

Randy is the vice president of corporate properties at CashMoney, a leader in alternative financial services in Canada. With a network of 128 corporately-owned stores and close to 1,000 employees across the country to oversee, and an extensive track record in real estate and marketing, Randy speaks from experience.

Location –  key to new customers
“We’re committed to finding the best, most high-profile locations that our country has to offer,” said Randy during an interview at his national head office in Mississauga, Ontario. “There’s actually no middle ground or half-measure when it comes to selecting the best sites – it’s simply a function of one’s resolve, relationships, character and negotiation skills. We spend countless hours until we have made the right choice. We apply these same principles with our people, though a good portion of the time is spent on training and coaching.”

Randy leads a competent and professional team comprised of four people and key partners who, like him, are committed to ensuring CashMoney’s current and future growth in Canada through locations, acquisitions or leases that lead to exposure, convenience and comfort – all directed toward the Canadian consumer.

For CashMoney, location scouting and commercial real estate management is an integral part of the company’s marketing mix and value proposition to customers. Weak locations would compromise the company’s very own foundations and vision for the Canadian marketplace.

People – the key to happy, repeat customers
Randy’s eyes light up when he’s asked about his CashMoney family. When he speaks about training and customer service, his body language and facial expressions speak to the sincerity and extent of his convictions.

“There’s nothing we can’t attain when we work together and when we are focused on the customer. People really appreciate our friendly service personnel, the follow up we provide and the bright and warm feeling of our locations. At the “front of house”, in our locations, our service may appear seamless and natural but, in reality, there’s lots of work that goes into nurturing this commitment to service. Behind the scenes, in our training programs, it can get messy, sweaty and difficult. Yet because it’s a purposeful, nurturing and coaching-centered environment, it’s always beneficial.”

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: A large portion of CashMoney’s customers are more than pleased to refer their friends to the company and its network for alternative financial services.

The future looks bright for CashMoney, Randy and his team. I can tell you that his culture and dedication are contagious and extend fully to his partners and partnerships. Working with Randy and his team is a true pleasure, and I can say that once he focuses on a goal, he seldom misses his target. As we return to our busy schedules and to-do lists, let’s remember these three things: (1) people, when focused, trained and united, can move mountains together; (2) that location remains at the heart of any retail marketing mix and (3) that Randy’s leadership style, which focuses on character, clarity and care for his team, is at the core of good coaching and solid, long-term, results.

For information on CashMoney, visit

by Alfio Pasquarelli, first posted November 22, 2012


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