Location, service and branding the key to attracting new customers

Randy Preston, Vice-President of Corporate Properties talks about the current expansion of CashMoney locations across Canada.

When it comes to finding new CashMoney locations, there is one person who knows exactly what to look for — and he comes with a long checklist and high expectations. With an eye for high-profile positioning and knowledge of real estate value, Randy Preston, Vice-President of Corporate Properties, leads the company’s expansion and new vision for its locations across the county.

Preston has played a vital role in the recent growth of CashMoney, taking the company from 128 to 158 corporately owned locations in the last two years. With new locations averaging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, stores are now bigger and more accessible to a wider variety of customers.

“We’ve really changed the game by hitting high profile corners and existing free standing locations previously occupied by other national brands,” says Preston.

By the end of this year, CashMoney hopes to have 160 locations across Canada with a goal of opening another 25 locations in 2015.

“Moving locations is just as important as opening new ones,” says Preston. “The stores that are being repositioned are upgrading their locations and being built with a new vision that will drive more traffic for the company and ultimately bring in more revenue.”

The new vision for CashMoney not only includes fresh locations but also a very strong marketing campaign to support the brand. CashMoney has invested in its exterior branding, a far-reaching advertising campaign, an official CashMoney mascot, Cash-A-Roo, and send a friend referrals to make friends aware of the company’s services.

“Some people are still unfamiliar with CashMoney and the value we can provide,” says Preston. “We run a growing business staffed by people who are committed to helping Canadians have access to their cash.”

Some of the other services CashMoney offers are prepaid credit cards, currency exchange, bill payment facilities, Western Union Money Transfers and cheque cashing.

The company is constantly working with staff to improve the experience of customers with internal training courses available for employees. These courses help with everything from time management to self-development. Employees are thoroughly trained prior to working at CashMoney and have the opportunity for growth and development within the company.

With a focus on all the right areas, the CashMoney team is on its way to furthering the growth and success of the company and having a leader like Randy Preston, who remains positive and focused, certainly has them continuing in the right direction.

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