Standing tall in business, relationships, and through personal struggle — The Alfio Story, An Overview

Alfio PasquarelliWhen you see life as a gift, your attitude changes. When you treat people as if there’s nothing more important, you enjoy powerful and fruitful relationships. Welcome to the world of Alfio Pasquarelli. 

Even in the first minute with him, you’ll notice he’s a man with a vision – and a story.

From 1985 to 2011, Alfio was a key driver in the expansion of Pizza Pizza Ltd. In that time, the franchised network grew from 60 locations to more than 700. Today, the brand is the undisputed leader in the pizza segment of the Quick Service Restaurant sector with many of the best locations and site branding in Canada. That’s in no small part due to Alfio’s contribution.

In 2011, Alfio and the company parted ways leaving Alfio to face the toughest challenge of his life: the passing of his beloved wife Anna to cancer. In the span of just a few months, Alfio’s world had undergone radical change.

Rather than allow his world to collapse, Alfio mustered all of his internal resources and seemingly gained a boost of bionic energy. This enabled him to overcome this personal paradigm shift and strengthen his personal resolve to help his family – his two children in particular – customers and the people around him to succeed, just as he and Anna had done so successfully in the past.

And so in that spirit, Alfio launched Pasquarelli Management in December 2011. With a commitment to being himself and working with top-class customers, Alfio began building retail brands through marketing and real estate strategies. Companies such as Quiznos, Cash Money and BVD Petroleum came along quickly – recognizing the benefits that Pasquarelli offered and the swift impact each operator felt on their respective business.

They have turned to him for real estate, location and marketing services, lease renewals and expert counsel on network expansion and retail branding – and everything in between. Soon enough, many – if not most – have found themselves quickly expanding their partnerships with Alfio due to his work ethic, relationship skills and determination.

On the cusp of his fourth-year anniversary, Pasquarelli Management’s future is promising. His clients are doing well – improving their positions in the highly competitive world of retail, and enjoying their respective partnerships with him. Walking together, creating new possibilities and opportunities that add immediate value to a business or brand has become the hallmark of his work and the efforts of his team.

Alfio has no doubts that the future will be even brighter and more successful for his clients, first, and then himself.

About Pasquarelli Management

Alfio Pasquarelli has built industry-leading retail brands through effective expansion and location strategies, on-premise marketing and positioning. With Pasquarelli, retail brands maximize their growth and success.


“Mr Pasquarelli is a devoted and precisely creative professional with a 3D vision.”
Zak Gahnim, Zak Gahnim Architect Inc. Read More

“His knowledge, professionalism and integrity are second to none.”
James Riddell, B.A., LL.B., First Avenue Properties Inc. Read More

“Alfio Pasquarelli's hands on style and his aggressive approach to finding me quality corner locations has indeed had a significant impact on our business.”
Randy Preston, Cash Money Cheque Cashing Inc.

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