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Alfio Pasquarelli is a marketing strategist who has helped to build industry-leading brands through retail expansion, on-premise marketing and effective positioning strategies. His razor-sharp vision, trust equity, network and work ethic have elevated him and his practice to expert counsel for retail companies and brands around the world.

More than anything else, it’s Pasquarelli’s work ethic, passionate leadership, strong negotiation skills and contagious personality that have allowed him and his team to establish lasting commercial relationships and a quality network of trustworthy, effective and courteous professionals and clients that work together to propel your branding and retail strategy to the highest level.

For more than 25 years, Pasquarelli led a team of real estate, design and construction professionals at one of Canada’s largest Quick Service Restaurant chains, Pizza Pizza Ltd. Thanks in part to his vision, “hands-on” style and the execution of a strategic retail positioning plan, the corporation grew from 60 to 700 stores (in 2011), becoming the brand leader in its category in Canada. He has achieved the same results with Cash Money and enjoyed a long list of other successes with clients such as Quiznos, BVB Petroleum, Tim Horton’s and Rio Can. .

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About Pasquarelli Management

Alfio Pasquarelli has built industry-leading retail brands through effective expansion and location strategies, on-premise marketing and positioning. With Pasquarelli, retail brands maximize their growth and success.


“Mr Pasquarelli is a devoted and precisely creative professional with a 3D vision.”
Zak Gahnim, Zak Gahnim Architect Inc. Read More

“His knowledge, professionalism and integrity are second to none.”
James Riddell, B.A., LL.B., First Avenue Properties Inc. Read More

“Alfio Pasquarelli's hands on style and his aggressive approach to finding me quality corner locations has indeed had a significant impact on our business.”
Randy Preston, Cash Money Cheque Cashing Inc.

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